Name :     Alan Hall

E-mail :

Adult:      39 years old

Location:  Birmingham / England

Area(s) affected:  Right Femur and Knee

Personal History:

There I was in my local pub May 18th 2007 dancing with my girlfriend when my leg collapsed for no reason.  I felt my femur remove itself from the leg.  I fell to the ground and I felt the femur return to its proper position.

My friends were jumping on me because they thought I was messing around until I started screaming at them to leave me alone lol.

I went to hospital next morning because I thought I had merely twisted my knee only to find out I had a rare bone disorder, the doctors were convinced I had been operated on before but I assured them that my legs have always been fine, in fact until now I have always been really sporty and active in everything I do.

After X-rays and an MRI scan they revealed that my Patella had been dislocated as well, they only X-rayed the Femur so I'm unsure whether I have any more bone disorders.

No hospital treatment was given because they did not want to open me up and cause any more problems but I went through the normal channels of phisio, I'm walking normally and you would not know I was affected but I reckon maybe something is coming my way because I keep feeling pains in other joints and limbs, I'm hoping its all in my head.

Right now I'm back at work and I just get a little throbbing pain from time to time although I always know the pain is there,

Regards . mail me if you like