Name :     Amit Kumar Jejani

E-mail :  

Adult:      33 years old

Location:   Shanghai, PR CHINA

Area(s) affected:   Radius Bone (on left hand)

Personal History:

Notice first bone disorder at the age of 15, no pain, discomfort or symptoms but can feel the swelling part of the bone. At the age of 20 consulted orthopedic doctor to know exactly what is this problem. Since there was no pain and no other symptoms on any other part of the body he suggested to keep a watch on growth. Recently I again consulted orthopedic doctors and after taking x-ray and CT scan, he inform me that this is "Melorheostosis." I personally feel that there is slight growth in swelling of bone, but doctor has asked to me to keep a watch and keep checking it every year about changes. Doctor has not suggested any treatment since there is no pain or discomfort.

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