Name :  Amy Stephens  

E-mail : 

Adult:    44 years old

Location:  Charlottesville, Indiana

Area(s) affected:  Right side of body (hand, fingers, forearm, shoulder, hip, knee, leg, ankle, foot and toes)

Personal History:

I was 13 years old when I started having problems. I was diagnosed in the late 80's. This disease has affected most of the right side of my body. I have severe pain at times mainly at night. I have a hard time sleeping. If I do too much, I pay for it.  Pain pills help but I do not like to take them. I have had approximately 8-10 surgeries (lost count) and it has affected my range of motion. I walk with a limp and at times use a cane. It started really getting bad in 1998, and I have had most of the surgeries there after that time. The doctor is getting ready to do surgery on my hip, knee and possibly ankle and foot. I am almost scared to have the surgery done because I get relief for awhile then I have lack of motion and the pain is back.

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