Name :   Angela Anderson

E-mail :

Adult:     38 years old

Location:  Milwaukee, WI

Area(s) affected:  Left tibia, left foot and heel

Personal History:

I was first diagnosed at the age of 14.  At the time I was having no discomfort, but there was a large unknown bump on my left tibia, so I had it checked out.   Up until 5 1/2 years ago, I had very few problems.  A few months after having a baby,  I started feeling stiffness directly behind the bump up to my knee.  I then saw a rheumatologist by the name of Dr Sanford Baim.  I had x-rays taken along with a bone scan. The scan showed that there was activity in the bone where the disorder had been obvious previously, but also showed activity in the left heel and a part of my foot where I now have occasional small twinges of pain. I now walk with an obvious limp. At this point I am searching for a doctor that is in my health insurance network.  I would like to find a way to deal with the pain.


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