Name :     Annette Gahan

E-mail :  

Adult:      45 years old

Location:  Bothell, WA

Area(s) affected:  Right tibia

Personal History:

Back in 2000 I had a large mass removed from my right knee area. I had always had pain in that leg since I was a child and assumed now that it was from the tumor. The doctors were unable to diagnose a cause for that tumor. In December of 2010 I found another lump behind my right knee and after a trip to the orthopedic surgeon and many scans I was diagnosed with another tumor and Melorheostosis. I will be having the mass removed next week, but was told by my doctor that if he did anything to the bone it would ruin it so I will just have to manage the pain and get annual scans to watch for more tumor growths. I also have Crohn’s disease but my doctor says the there is no relationship between the two diseases. Just got lucky I guess to be diagnosed with two painful diseases!


Because of my Crohn’s disease I am unable to take anti-inflamatories, but do rely on Tylenol to help me sleep at night when the pain is always worse.

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