Name : Ashlea Hosler (Mary, mother)

 E-mail :

Child: 12 years old

City, State:   Princewick, WV

Areas affected:  Left leg, foot, hip; right knee

Personal History:

At the age of 5 my daughter complained of leg pain.  I took her to the family doctor, he took x-rays of her legs, lower back and hands.  He found that her bones had lots of extra growth. Then we were sent to Shriners Hospital in Kentucky, where they diagnosed her with melorheostosis. They have done casting on her leg to try to keep the foot at a neutral position and put a brace on her for extra help after the casting.  As of now, she has had several braces made for her leg.  The casting and braces are not working effectively.

Doctors are now going to wait until she stops growing, then try to do surgery to lengthen the leg and fix the contractures of her knee and ankle.

Ashlea complains of low back and hip pain now.

Please contact me, anyone can help by giving more information on this rare condition.

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