Name :  Azizul bin Mohamad

E-mail : 

Adult:  26 years old

Location:  Perlis, Malaysia

Area of body affected: Left foot (ankle)

Personal history:

 I was diagnosed with melorheostosis in 1998.  At that time, I was studying at CWRU, Cleveland, Ohio.  I felt pain in my swollen ankle, and I went to Cleveland University Hospital to get treatment. From the x-ray, the doctor diagnosed me with this disease and recommended that I have surgery to remove the swollen muscle.  I did not know much about the surgery but the result was very promising at first. However, after several months, the ankle started to swell again and I have some difficulty moving.  Since I came back to Malaysia in 2000, the condition remains the same, not better and not worse.

I never had any further treatment after I came back to Malaysia.  I really hope that somebody may give me a suggestion on how I should proceed with the treatment

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