Name :   Benjamin Beers 

E-mail : 

Adult: 45 years old   

Location:  Fox Island, Washington

Area(s) affected:  Left foot and left hand

Personal History:

 I was diagnosed in February of 2010 with melo in my left foot. I went to the local prompt care thinking I must have somehow broken my foot. The x-ray results came back as melo in one of my toes. After a few months the pain went away, but if I walk barefoot I can feel a lump on the bottom of my foot.

In August 2010 my left middle finger swelled up and hurt badly (no, not an overuse injury, I'm a polite boy). I went to the same clinic and got the same PA. The x-ray showed melo in my finger. My finger is now 6mm bigger around than it used to be. It hurts when I use it. I'm a professional violin maker and I play the viola. This finger is now a real problem for me. It hurts to play. My rehearsals are 2 hours, which are about 1 1/2 hours too long for my left hand. I can no longer practice because of the pain (never enjoyed practicing anyway). Working on my instruments is very painful as my left hand is used as a clamp.

I have since diagnosis visited two orthopedic surgeons. We have done a full body bone scan and an MRI of my left hand. I'm waiting for the follow up appointment for these results.

Since this disease is so rare none of my doctors really know anything about it. I am currently seeking a doctor to see who can shed light on my condition. How quick will this spread? Am I going to lose more control of my hand? Obviously melo in my hand is worrying me because of my profession. I am trying to find answers to these problems but there is not a lot of info out there. Take care, Ben.

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