Name :     Beth Brown

E-mail :

Adult:      57 years old

Location:  Albany, GA

Area(s) affected:  Right ankle

Personal History:

My name is Beth Brown, a 57 year old woman, diagnosed with melorheostosis in my right ankle in Nov. 2012 following over 7 years of pain and discomfort, multiple doctors, physical therapy, etc.  I am losing range of motion.  I experience a variety of pain from throbbing to stabbing.  I have to be careful where I walk and what kind of shoes I wear as any wobble can result in extreme pain.  I frequently wake in the middle of the night as a result of pain.  I am self medicating with naproxin, aspercreme, and hot soaks.

I live in Albany, GA, a rural area in south Georgia.  Following diagnosis, my local doctor said: "It wouldn't hurt my feelings if you saw someone else."  So, I have been referred to the unknown.  I have done as much research as I can but need to talk to a doctor with some experience managing this disease/disorder.  I do not live near any of the doctors listed on the melorheostosis website and am wondering what my options are for seeing someone with some experience.  I am open to discussion and recommendations. 

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