Name :     Chantal Fournier

E-mail :

Adult:      25 years old

Location:  Burlington, Ontario, Canada

Area(s) affected:  Right hand

Personal History:  

When I was 18 I thought I had broke my hand after close investigation and after r/o bone cancer, I saw a specialist who informed me that I had this very rare disease. I never had many symptoms other than pain and a lump on my right hand, which I still have to this very day. As I have gotten older I have had more issues and not sure if any of them are related to the disease. Such as awful chest pain, limb pain and numbness to hands and arms. All of these which occur on a regular basis, some days are worse then others but with no cure. Taking Tylenol does not touch the pain.

I am concerned that I can pass this to my children and hope to god that I don't.

I'm very glad to give any info of experiences that I have had with this. Please feel free to contact!


Chantal Fournier




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