Name : Cindy

E-mail :

Adult:  52 years old

Location: Colorado Springs, CO

Areas affected:  left femur

Personal History:

So far, I've had 16 joint surgeries including: total left knee replacement, ACL right knee, 2 arthroscopies on each knee, three on right shoulder including 2 rotator cuff and one calcific tendonitis, hysterectomy, and appendectomy.  I had a terrible fall the day before Thanksgiving (Nov. 24) directly on the left knee and have had extreme pain ever since with edema.  For years I have had pain in both legs that has gone undiagnosed. The doctors always say lose 30 lbs. and the pain will go away.  Right.  In seeing a new doctor about replacing my left knee again, he saw the candle-wax appearance of melorheostosis and has referred me to the only specialist in Colorado that seems to understand what it is.

Amazing to me how few doctors have ever heard of it.

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