Name :   Danielle C.

E-mail :

Adult:     23 years old

Location:  Minneapolis, MN

Area(s) affected:  Left hand

Personal History:

I started to notice some deformity in my left hand when I was about twelve.  We always figured that I had hurt or broken it at some point and it healed wrong.  Last year, 2005, I randomly asked a doctor about it when I was getting an ingrown toenail looked at.  He was very concerned that I had a bone tumor and referred me to a specialist at Fairview in Minneapolis who diagnosed it and took some pictures. My middle finger is very large and thick and hard in between the joints, and my ring finger bends out so there is a large gap when I put my fingers "together." X-rays also revealed that the bone extending from my middle finger into my hand is thick too. I can't really make much of a fist with my left hand because the middle finger can bend just enough to make a "C" shape.  I'm left-handed but have adapted.  It does hurt sometimes and is sensitive to pressure.  I would be interested in removing some of the bone, if nothing else because I'm a little self-conscious.


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