Name :     Danielle Lalande

E-mail :

Adult:  around 50 years old   

Location:  Montauban, South France

Area(s) affected:  Right shoulder and arm

Personal History:  

My mum got diagnosed 6 years ago. It started underneath the right shoulder blade but soon the shoulder and the arm were also affected. After seeing a few doctors and not being able to stop the pain; my mum decided to go to Toulouse (big city next to Montauban) and by doing an x-ray the doctors discovered a mark on the arm bone. To try to stop the pain, my mum is taking a lot of medication (hopefully the names will make sense!!) : actiskenan but also ocycontint and when she is really in pain actiq.  It seems like since she has been taking these medication she doesn't suffer so much but by using morphine she is losing her sight and has difficulties to hear properly from her right ear. I don't think at this stage that there is much to do as the doctor doesn't know how to treat this disease however I hope one day she will be able to recover and enjoy life like before.

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