Name:  David Waller  

E-mail : 

Adult:   17 years old

Location:  Gloucestershire, England

Areas of involvement:  right index finger

Personal History:

My name is David Waller.  I am 17 years old and live in Stonehouse, Gloucestershire.  My mum first noticed the unusual shape of the index finger on my right hand when I was a few days old.  I was referred to Gloucester Royal Hospital, but after a few years of observation I was referred to my hand surgeon,  Dr. D Sammut at Frenchay Hospital, Bristol.  Initially it was thought that I had a cyst on my finger, but then looking at the x-rays over a number of years and from the biopsy of a bone sample taken from the finger, they suspected that I had Melorheostosis. This was confirmed when at the age of 14 I had the finger amputated.  Since then, following further visits, I have been informed that there is no spread of Melorheostosis to other bones in my hand or body.

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