Name : Dawn Morgan



City, State:  Flemington, West Virginia

Areas of body affected:  Both legs

Personal History:

I am at a loss as to what to do about this disease.  I know very little about it.  I want to know if there is any treatment.  I live in Flemington, West Virginia.  So far it has affected  my lower extremities.  It was found when I had an accident and broke my leg.  The x-rays totally confused the orthopedic doctor so he sent them to, I think, the Mayo Clinic or some such place to find out what it was.  He had no experience with it at all and had only seen this in a textbook in medical school.  So at this point I know nothing, and I can't seem to find anything online about treatment for it.  I have had severe pain in my legs for a long while but couldn't find out what it was.  I also get a constricting feeling, and severe muscle cramps; I'm not sure how that affects this or even if it is part of it.  My GP knows nothing of this either so we are at a loss.  I also have another very rare condition called Relapsing Polychondritis; it is a cartilage disease which has affected several areas of my body.

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