Name of patient  : Dipankar Dnyandeo Jagtap
Email address:
Adult:  29 Years Old
Location: Pune, Maharashtra, India
Area(s) of body affected : Right Leg
Personal History:

When I was 15 years old I found that my right leg width is less as compare to left leg. At that time we consult with Dr. Hardikar (Orthopedics) as per Dr. The cause of disease was the shape of cartilage bone between knee joints. He suggested some exercise tips for daily work out.  Which help me to make the leg movement properly for some time. After that we never went to doctor doctor almost 10 years. Their was no improvement during this 10 years.

When I was 22 year old  I found that the pain has been increase and I am not able to move my leg in natural way specially in feet. Then we went to Dr. Sancheti (Orthopedics) this is very famous hospital in Pune city.  I was under Dr. Khadilkar treatment. I have done the bone scanning and different testing about blood. In Bone scan report it is easily found that the size of my right leg bone has been increase through out. Specially the feet part of right leg has been affected by the high density of the calcium which is diagnosis as Melorheostosis . Dr. Khadilkar explain about the disease and he said that there is no treatment for this diseases in the world, only pain killers can help. Since that time whenever I get pain in my right leg, it's really very painful.
Due to this diseases I cannot walk straight; this affected on hip also, the size of the affected leg is less than the left leg. There is continued pain in the hip and right leg.

My feet always remain swollen and the movement of the leg is not natural.


Thanks & Regards
Dipankar Jagtap


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