Name :     Donal  (Ronan and Niamh, parents)

E-mail :

Child: 4 years old

Location:  Dublin, Ireland

Area(s) affected:  Right Foot

Personal History:

Donal was diagnosed with Melorheostosis in his right foot in May 2010 at 3 years of age.  Donal was unable to put his heel down and has walked on his toes since the age of 2.

Donal has been doing physiotherapy since 2010.  In January 2012 Donal got botox injections in his calf muscle with serial casting.   This has not improved his foot.  It is proposed to do tendon lengthening on his Achilles tendon in February 2012.

We would be very grateful of any information on similar cases to Donal.


Ronan and Niamh


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