Name :  Eva-Marie Hartwig

E-mail :

Adult:   37 years old

Location:  Frankfurt (near), Germany

Area(s) affected:  Left leg, from hip to toes

Personal History:

Hello, my name is Eva-Maria Hartwig.  Im german and I live near Frankfurt. I have melorheostosis and Id like to tell you about it. My English is not very good but I hope it's good enough to explain my disease. Im 37 years old and melorheostosis was diagnosted 10 years ago. (After they told me I will die very soon because of a bone cancer!) and so Id live very well with melo. happy to be alive. My melo. is in my left leg, down from the hip to the toes and since a few years I have problems buying shoes because my foot is getting bigger and bigger.  Its not that worse but the left foot is two shoe-numbers bigger than the right. It does not hurt very much only long time standing or sitting is a problem for me, I just dont know what will come in future. I feel quite lonely with my disease, even the doctors don't tell (or know) me something about it and I'd love to get in contact with somebody who gives me some information. Many greetings from Germany.

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