Name : Fritz

Adult:  32 years old

Areas of body affected: Left arm, hand and shoulder (esp. wrist and thumb-joint)

Location:  Braunschweig, Germany


Personal History:

Symptoms: Light constant pain in wrist of left hand, thumb and radius. Severe pain for 2-3 days after carrying goods or after repeated stress, like riding a bike on rough streets. Hand and radius react with immediate severe pain on direct contact.

Diagnosis: By chance during military service at age of 19 (ie. 13 years ago).

Treatment: none

Doctors consulted: several with unsatisfactory results

Suggestions:  For pain treatment I suggest taking THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), despite all prejudices, it is a powerful, all-natural analgetic with no secondary-effects. It causes no physical addiction. THC is used for pain treatment of cancer patients, in order to substitute morphine based drugs, which daze very much and cause addiction.

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