Name :     Glenn S. Toothman, Jr.

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Adult:      61 years old

Location:  Falls City, TX

Area(s) affected:  Left Femur, Left Knee, Left hip

Personal History:  


Location:  Livingston, TN

Discovered while on Active Duty, USN, after 2 tours in Viet Nam, and other assignments ,1980.  Discovered at NAS Corpus Christi Naval Hospital, 'bone core' sample taken at USAF Hospital at Wilford Hall Hospital, TX, Dr Scott Neff and Dr (AF type) Knuff.

I was having knee/thigh pain, went to sick call, they took X-Rays found the anomaly (A&P Lateral Left Distal Femur).  After being the Orthopedic Case Du Jure was sent to Ft. Sam Houston Orthopedic clinics for evaluation, then sent to Wilford Hall USAF Hospital for further evaluation.  Bone sample taken in femur,

Multiple surgeries in the knee, eventually transferred to North Island CA, treated at Balboa Naval Hospital, was medical discharged with the disease as part of the medical reasoning.

Presently am unable to work due to the leg, standing, walking etc, and am having problems with the Veterans Administration regarding this.  My opinion is active duty military service (including two tours in Viet Nam, with the Army) aggravated the condition, their opinion is it is genetic and not service connected.  I am currently 60% disabled through the VA, which enables me to receive treatment for the situation, which, at this point, is pain pills, and nothing else.

Hope this helps anyone out there on active duty with the disease, and if anybody has any assistance to increase disability for the situation in the VA would be greatly appreciated.

Ft. Leonard Wood '65
Ft. Devens '65-'66
138th Avn Co (RR) 66-67
HHC USASATR Ft Devens 67-68
507th USASAE SPD 68-70
138th Avn Co (RR) 70-71
293rd Avn Co (SA) 71 - 72