Name : Guy 

Adult50 years old

City, State: Dallas, TX

Personal History:  

My name is Guy, I am 50 years old. I was originally diagnosed with Melorheostosis in my left knee and foot in 1992 at the Veterans Hospital in Dallas TX.  They removed 3 large nodes from the back of my knee and one node that was on the ball of my left big toe and from these specimens they used as a biopsy to determine my diagnosis. After they removed the nodes from the back of my knee my bending of that knee still remained at about 10 degrees since then I had x-rays done approximately 1 year ago that revealed that the condition had not only grown back but had worsened. I cannot find an orthopedic surgeon that knows anything about this disease (much less able to spell it) and so consequently I am under the care of a doctor of internal medicine that does no more than prescribe pain pills. I have gone through physical therapy that does no more than aggravate the condition. Over the years I have become extremely frustrated and angry at the medical profession. recently starting last year the joints in my body have become so painful that I would not even be able to get out of bed without my pain medication and my left hand has become deformed, and except for a slight bending of the fingers, my hand and wrist have become non-functional and the doctors are calling this advanced arthritis. I can only sleep on my side, and I can only be on one side or the other for about 1/2 hour before the pain wakes me up and I have to roll over, which is not an easy thing do. Because I am on SSI (Medicaid) I cannot find a reputable doctor to take an interest in my case. This is only a capsulation, I do have some information and helpful therapy techniques that do help, that I am willing to share with anybody.

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