Name :    Jeffery Saunders

E-mail :]

Adult:     47 years old

Location:  Cleveland, Ohio

Area(s) affected:  Right shoulder

Personal History:

 I am a 47 year old man that one week ago was diagnosed with melorheostosis in my right shoulder.  I had constant pain and loss of use of my right arm for years.  My shoulder was x-rayed 5 years ago and the tumors present in my shoulder were diagnosed as  'presumably due to post operative change'....funny I never had surgery on my shoulder.  I continued living with the pain and loss of use until I met my wonderful new wife. As we were staring our new life together I hurt my right wrist at work which led me to my present doctor who diagnosed me with melorheostosis.  I had 4 tumors in my right shoulder, which Dr Seitz wanted to remove immediately. I had to have a complete shoulder replacement and a portion of the largest tumor could not be removed. They are not sure if it will continue to grow. This is all new to us and we are in the process of learning all about this.  A week ago I thought it was old age.....Today I am realizing I have had a very rare disease for a very long time.  My wife has always said I was special...guess she was right!!!!  I am from Cleveland, Ohio....not sure if any else out there is.....Help!!


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