Name : Jennifer Means

Age:  29 years old

City/State:  Cincinnati, OH

Areas of body affected:  Middle finger and left hand

e-mail : 

Personal History:

I am not sure how long I have had this condition, but about 3 years ago I started with a lot of discomfort in my hand, and I noticed a bulge on my middle finger. So I went to my primary care physician, and he sent me to see a bone doctor. From there I was sent to see an oncologist; he told me that it was not cancer and just explained to me what he knew of this rare disorder. I pretty much gave up, since no one could really give me the answers I was looking for. I have not had surgery yet, but if the pain keeps increasing then I will have to do something. The oncologist also told me that if I have surgery then the bone will rapidly grow back. Is that true?

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