Name :     Jessica Anne

E-mail :  

Adult:      43 years old

Location:  Billings, MT

Area(s) affected: Toes on the right foot - most affected fourth toe distal phalanx

Personal History:

 Beginning at the age of about 12 I noticed I could not bend three of the toes on my right foot.  I did experience some pain occasionally.  I assumed that I had injured my toes even though I did not recall doing so.  About 5 years ago I began to experience significant pain in those toes (and ankle) especially when having exercised.  Two years ago purple spots appeared on two of my toes and they became even more tender to the touch.  I received an x-ray and my physician immediately recognized what was wrong.  She has referred me to an orthopedic whom I will see in 2 weeks.  I will update here if I discover any additional information.  I have yet to try any treatment for the pain or immobility.



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