Name : Karl E. Cribb


Adult:  39 years old

City, State:   Winston Salem, NC

Areas affected:  Right foot and ankle

Personal History:

Karl is a 39 year old male in Winston Salem, NC.  He received the diagnosis of melorheostosis today at Duke University Medical Center by Dr. Brian Brigman, MD in the orthopedic oncology section. We were referred there by a podiatrist here (Dr. Weinbaum in Thomasville) who thought it could be osteosarcoma. The right foot and ankle are affected.

His pain started 17 months ago with a painful mass on the arch of the foot.  He went to 3 other doctors before the podiatrist took x-rays and saw the abnormality. He then had an MRI and CT scan of the right foot.  We took all of these images with us to Duke Hosp. and we finally have a diagnosis.

We have opted to wait to have surgery.  I hope a "wait and see" attitude is the right one but that's what Karl wants to do.  Please feel free to correspond.  Any information is appreciated. Thank you.  Julie Cribb, Wife of Karl


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