Name : Kasey Leali

Age:  20 years old

City and state:  Columbus, OH


Areas of body affected:  Right Hand, Wrist and Arm

Personal History:

I was diagnosed officially in August 2000. For the past few years I had noticed pain in my right hand after doing much drawing (I am an art major at Ohio State University) or playing softball or doing anything else whereI had to use my hand a lot. Then, I noticed that a bump was forming on the top of my hand and another in my wrist. On the 11th of June, 2000, the day before I was leaving home to go out to Colorado for the summer I went to my family physician to see why I was having pain. I figured it was an aggravated old softball injury or tendonitis. After feeling the bones in my hand he sent me down to get x-rays. My mother works for the radiologist that read my x-ray and I found out that afternoon that I may have Melorheostosis. I had to leave for Colorado the next day, so my parents took over the search of finding a specialist in Columbus that I could go to when I got home. They talked to over 10 doctors before they found someone who would take my case. His name is Dr. Popp. Although he has never personally handled a case, he knows many other doctors in other states that have and he has had them review my case. So, I came home from Colorado early and went to Dr. Popp. There wasn't much that can be done, however. It is so wide spread that in my hand wrist and arm that there surgery was not recommended. I have to go back to the office ever year so that the tumors can be kept an eye on.

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