Name :     Kelsey

Adult:      25 years old

Location:  Anchorage, Alaska

Area(s) affected:  Right foot, equivalent to the "ring finger" area, in between the knuckle and ankle

Personal History:

Symptoms: aching and restlessness, tingling occasionally, uncomfortable to drive my car because pushing on the breaks is tender to my foot. I was diagnosed in June of 2012.  I went to my foot doctor because I could tell something was wrong with my foot since it looked like I had a bunion. So I had to get X-rays and that's when we saw it. My doctor was like WOW I have never seen that before!  At the time I was not in pain and had only been feeling pain off & on in my bunion so my doctor gave me the impression "if it ain't broke don't fix it" attitude. I was treated and diagnosed with bunions on both feet (my right being worse than my left) and planter fasciitis, and discovered the melo by accident. For treatment I got an over the counter orthotic which has helped a lot, but now I have no shoes that fit. I'm stuck wearing ugly crocs. For about 10 days this worked but then I broke down and went back for a custom fit orthotic. I still have some pain from the planter fasciitis and very little in my bunion, but now my area of foot in the region of my melo, I've been noticing quite a bit of aching and weird uncomfortableness. I don't like using the word pain because I've given birth (with drugs) but regardless of that, it was still painful and I feel like a pussy by talking about pain in my foot after experiencing birth. I notice my foot bothering me more when it's cold outside and on rainy/cloudy days. So far I have not gone back to my doctor to seek further treatment for my foot. Money is tight so I guess I plan to ignore it for now, (On a side note, I also have been treating my mental health issues for 10 + years so my psych doc visits and therapy are kinda my priority right now, that stuff I just can't ignore and function like I can with my foot.)

Oh and my custom orthotic is finally ready to pick up, but my insurance has not paid their portion so I can't take it until its paid. I am just hanging tough for now. 



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