Name :   Kenneth R. Wayner 

Adult:   dob 9/30/60   

Location:  New Bedford, MA

Area(s) affected:  Right side outer wrist, including pinky and ring finger

Personal History:

For 40 or so years I had been trying to get somebody to remove my pinky finger (it is curled into my palm and has very little mobility).  Thank someone, I am at least left handed. My problem is I am a welder/fabricator and I use my hands to make my living.  With the right small finger curling into my palm, as you can imagine, I either bang it all the time or it just gets in my way.  Sometimes the pain is incredible.  I looked around my area to find someone who could help me figure out what was going on.  Need I say, there was no help until I was finally referred to a Dr.  Jesse Jupiter out of Mass General Hospital in Boston.  Until that time my wrist was losing mobility and work was painful.  After consulting Dr. Jupiter, a biopsy was taken.  He removed two small bones from my wrist which has resulted in far greater mobility.   Well long story short,  I'm happy to finally put a name to this disease and have found out a wealth of information on this website.   And I thank everybody whose history I have read and have learned a lot from.

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