Name : Keri Longo  

E-mail :

Adult:     32 years old

Location:  Arlington, Texas

Area(s) affected:  Left Hand

Personal History:

I was just diagnosed with Melorheostosis this week. I have had severe pain and swelling in my left hand for a few years now but nobody seems to know what to do with me. I am hoping the new diagnosis will help. I am an auto worker for General Motors. I need my hands for work. I go home and cry most of the time. The swelling and pain are just more than I can take some nights. Ice and Motrin are not working any more. I recently had an accident at work and injured the first finger on my left hand. Not sure if the pain is from the injury or the Melorheostosis right now. Maybe a little of both. The radiographs are so crazy looking. The more I read, the more I know I am not alone. The pain is not in my head or exaggerated. Sometimes the pain is worse than childbirth!  I didn't feel THAT was possible. The doctor I am seeing now wants to send me to an arthritis specialist. Does that seem right to you? Where do I begin for help?


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