Name :    Kerstin Baxter

E-mail :

Location:  Chandler, Arizona

Area(s) affected:  Both feet

Personal History:

After suffering extreme pain in my right toe, I was told in 2003 by an orthopedic doctor that I have melorheostosis in my right foot. He gave me a cortisone shot that took the pain away in my toe for good.

In 2005, after suffering severe pain in both my heals and arches, a podiatrist confirmed that I had melorheostosis in both feet. I will mention that when I told him I had been previously diagnosed, he said "I highly doubt you have it. It is extremely rare." He fitted me for orthotics to help with plantar fasciitis and gave me cortisone shots in both feet.  Although I wear them daily, I still have pain in both my feet at all times.

I would like to know of any specialist in Arizona that I could make an appointment with.  I am still not convinced I have this disease, and would like a more qualified opinion.

I also want to let you know I exist, since this is so rare, and let you know you can contact me if need be for research.

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