Name :    Kris Stewart

E-mail :

Adult:    38  years old

Location:  Lexington, NC

Area(s) affected:  Left foot

Personal History:

My name is Kris Stewart.  I am 38 and live in Lexington, NC.  I have melorheostosis in my left foot.
I believe that this was first spotted in my foot when I was living in Southern California.  My parents had taken me to the doctor because I hurt the two little toes on my right foot and they x-rayed both feet.  Boy, was I at the dr. a LONG time that day!  At that time, I received no diagnosis, and pretty much forgot about it.  (This was in 1982 or 1983.)  That is until 2000.  
We had moved back to NC several years before.  I was at work when I had an excruciating pain in my left foot that brought me to my knees.  My co-worker sent me home and I went to the doctor the next morning (MedChoice).  They didn't have a clue, but did refer me to ortho in Lexington.  The doctor that I saw told me what was wrong, but also told me that this is a painless disease so I must be exaggerating.  (Have not been back to that doctor!!)  He referred me to Dr. William Ward at Baptist Hospital in Winston Salem. 
I have seen Dr. Ward several times, but my case isn't bad enough for surgery or even any kind of treatment.  I do believe that within the last few weeks it has "come back to life."  So will be calling Dr. Ward!
I do feel extremely blessed, after reading some of the personal histories, that mine is only in one part of my body, and seems to be a very mild (so far) case.
My thoughts are with each of you that has this disease.  People tend to not believe anything is wrong with you unless you have something they have heard of!
Beth, in Lexington, NC...please get in touch with me!

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