Name : Laurel

Adult:  43 years old

City, State:  Lewisburg, Tennessee

Areas of body affected:  left foot

E-mail : 

Personal History:

I just found out that I have Melorheostosis in my left foot this past Thursday and, unknown to me, I was diagnosed with this condition in June 2000, when I had a CAT scan due to an injury to my right ankle, and I was never told of this condition. In April of this year, I sprained my left ankle, and I have been having problems with healing. I went back to my family doctor, who referred me to an orthopedic surgeon the next day. He gave me some paperwork to give to the orthopedic physician. The radiologist's report included "sclerosis of several bones" in the left foot, including the second metatarsal, and his diagnosis was Melorheostosis as well a formation of a bunion on the left foot dating back to the CAT scan of June, 2000. His report stated that there was no sign of progression since 2000. I had no idea what this condition was until I found your Web site. I had been having pain in my left foot since the late 1980's, but I attributed it all to the bunion. The pain comes and goes, sometimes fairly severely. I saw the orthopedist Thursday, and he confirmed that I had Melorheostosis, but that it was non-progressive, not a disease, something I was "just born with." After reading the personal histories of other Melorheostosis patients, it greatly concerns me. Does anyone know of a physician in Tennessee, especially around the Nashville area, who has dealt with this disease? I don't feel comfortable with how my doctor casually dismissed this condition, and would like to get a second opinion.

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