Name : Laurie Belfor

Adult:  49 years old

E-mail :

City/state:  Seattle, Washington

Areas of body affected:  left tibia

Personal History :

 I have Melorheostosis in my left tibia. About fifteen years ago I had pain in my left leg, just below my knee. At first my doctors were not able to find the problem. Finally after a bone scan the tumor was seen. I then had surgery to remove the tumor. Recently I started to have some pain in my leg that reminded me of the pain I had experienced years ago. I had an MRI and bone scan. The area below my knee was enlarged this time and my doctor thought it best to do surgery again. He went in and shaved the bone and sent a sample to the Mayo clinic. They said it was Melorheostosis.  I am doing fine now.  I have no problems walking but the knee is still a little stiff.

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