Name : Lindy

E-mail :

Adult: 18 years old

Location: Johannesburg, South Africa

Areas affected:  Both shins (below knee)

Personal History:

My problem started with a visible lump on my left shin as well as night pain in the area.  I went to a doctor who did bloods and x-rays.  The tests showed what appeared to be tumors. The orthopedic doctor referred me for an MRI scan and bone density tests which then revealed a tumor on the right shin as well.  I was referred to bone tumor unit in Pretoria. The doctor immediately scheduled a biopsy on both legs and discovered it was Melorheostosis. Dr. Frantzen was the specialist who is happy with my progress and said that we only need to come back if pain recurs or there are any other problems. Presently, there is occasional pain but all seems ok, thank God.

A concern is what could go wrong in the future and who to turn to for answers.  Will other parts of the body possibly be affected? I am doing gym and sometime have pain in the areas. I was really pleased to find this site and read other patients comments and experiences with this disease.


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