Name :  Lynette S.


Location:  Australia

Areas affected:  hands, right side of body

Personal History:

Name Lynette, adult diagnosed at 16 at RPA Hospital, Sydney,

Australia.  Had symptoms from earlier than 1 year old. Affected in both

hands, with ring finger on right hand deformed, with muscle loss in

right arm and back, right leg and foot. The whole right hand side of

body is shorter than the left. When newly born, no problem appeared to be there.

One doctor thought the shorter right side was as a result of a mild

case of polio. Second person diagnosed in Australia in 1962.  Although

both carpal tunnels have been surgically treated, the left ankle fused

and spinal surgery for a cyst on the spinal chord, none of this was

considered to be treatment for melorheostosis. The right ankle fused

itself. I am sending this on behalf of my sister, with her



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