Name :     Macon Wesley (Joe, Joseph) McGlohen

Adult:      67 (almost 68) years old


Location:   Arlington, Texas, USA

Area(s) affected:   Hands, forearms, legs (Both sides, all limbs)

Personal History: 

I was raised as a US Air Force dependent.   In 1954-1955 while my family was stationed at Burton Wood AFB in Britain, at age 9, I awoke in the night vomiting blood.  As a result I was hospitalized at the Base Hospital for extensive tests.  During the course of X-rays the melorheostosis was observed and I was referred to a large civilian hospital in Liverpool.  More X-rays, examinations and research occurred at the civilian hospital in Liverpool.  The medical staff at the civilian hospital was very excited.  At the time I was known case 46 or 47 of melorheostosis.  No treatment for this condition has ever been offered.  I have never experienced any significant issues, blood problems from reduced marrow volume, or any other symptoms until recently.  I have been having occasional shin cramps at night for the last 2-3 years. 

At the civilian hospital in Liverpool it was also observed that I had skeleton and other orthopedic imbalances.  Discussion of previous medical history concluded that an illness at age 14 months was polio which caused the imbalances.    The polio was undiagnosed at the time of occurrence (September of 1947).   This illness was presented by very high fever, and treated by 3 days of emersion is ice water in a wash tub.  As a result of the polio, my right foot is a size 6, and my left foot is a size 9.  Similar disproportional metrics are present in leg length and muscular mass between both legs.  I have significant tilt to my pelvis and spinal curvature as a result.  I received physical therapy for the polio effects from 1957 through 1960-1961.  Later back injury severely herniated L3, L4 and L5.  PT and exercise, and spinal decompression have reduced those issues occasional lower back pain.


I was born in July of 1946.  Apparently I am very blessed.  I have managed to live a rather full life with very little impediment from my physical “opportunities”.

I intend to get a gene test for the deformity of the LEMD3 gene.

Best Regards,

Joe McGlohen

Remember - Old Soldiers pray for peace.  They know the alternative far better than the politicians.

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