Name :   Marilyn Engel

E-mail :

Adult:   65 years old

Location:  Garrison, ND

Areas affected:  Right leg

Update: 10/30/2008:

I would like to update my personal history.

I am 68 and have melorheostosis.  I have it on the right leg, on the distal fibula.  I have had it more than fifteen years.  I have been to several orthopedic surgeons.  All say that there is nothing they can do.  It is extremely rare.  As of today there is no help.  It is extremely painful.  The only thing they can do is give you something to take care of the pain.

Marilyn Engel


Personal History:

I have melorheostosis affecting the distal fibula on my right leg.  I have been to several bone doctors and all say they cannot find treatment for it.  I am on pain killers.  It is extremely painful.  Any help I can get will be appreciated.



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