Name : Michael Haessig

Email :

Adult:  35 years old

City, State:  Stevens Point, WI

Areas of body affected:  left leg and foot; spots in other areas

Personal History:

Spots here and there throughout, but large affected areas on left leg and foot.

Diagnosed around 1983 after complaining about leg pain and stiffness in left leg. Years of growing pains were the diagnosis until X-rays showed the candlestick bones in the legs. Spots on the hip, ribs, arms and vertebra did not show the drip affect but the discolor of the spots was the same as the diagnosed portions of the leg.

I have mainly been able to reduce pain with aspirin and Tylenol. I have partial movement of the left ankle.  The pain is very bad after no movement of the joint for an hour or so. After walking on it for a half hour the pain goes away and is not noticed.

I checked in 1990 with local doctors and found there was still nothing to be done about it. I do not recall if a comparison of the old and new X-rays was made to see if it was getting worse or not.

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