Name : Michelle Lundie

E-mail :

Adult:  30 years old

Location:  Fareham, Hampshire, England

Areas of body affected:  Right Foot

Personal history:

Apparently I was born with this condition although it has just recently been diagnosed as Melorheostosis. I have been attending osteopaths, and physiotherapists but I still don't have the information I require.  Does this spread to other parts of the body? Can anything be done for this condition other than take pain killers?  I have been told by the 'experts' that there is no point in shaving the bone as it will just grow back and basically there is nothing they can do for me.

This condition is causing me a great deal of pain each day in my foot, knees and lower back. It effects the way in which I live my life everyday.  I used to do Taekwon-do but have had to give it up because of this condition.  I can no longer run and am not able to play football (soccer) with my son.  This condition is so frustrating and I just want some answers from someone who knows about this condition.

I am grateful for any information, no matter how small.

Love and best wishes to all of you out there in the same situation.  Please stay positive and don't let the pain get you down!

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