Name : Nadia Swindle

Adult:  21 years old

Location: Dundee, Scotland

E-mail : 

Areas of body affected: Right leg throughout

Personal History: 

Diagnosed at age 15 in 1997 by Dr. Al-Dadah in Crosshouse Hospital, Ayrshire (Scotland).

Treatments tried were bisphosphonates (unsuccessful), Calcitonin by nasal inhalator and also by injection (nasal spray was not successful and injection caused a strong respiratory reaction so was discontinued).

Currently on no medication and relying on herbal method for pain relief.  Herbal method used is Black [onion] Seed (Oil and Seeds) please see for more details on this herb.

Symptoms: Constant pain on all affected areas of right leg. Temporary periods where walking is almost impossible. Sleeplessness due to pain and unable to get a comfortable position.  Lethargy and depression are normal in winter months.

Pain relief: By distraction method ( where you concentrate on ignoring the pain) though this is very tiring - painkillers leave me feeling numb, dizzy and forgetful.  Hot water bottle or warm cloth soaked in herbs and oils. Hydrotherapy by foot spa and bath spa.  Eating Black [onion] Seeds and putting Black seed oil on affected areas. Otherwise known as Kalonji available at continental food stores.

Comments: I was also planning to set up a British website for Melorheostosis once I figure out how to use Java or other good applications so I will let you all know if and when.  I commend the author of this site on its progress!  I am pleased to see people are using it.

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