Name :    Quincy Jade Smith

By:        Father: Ballard James Smith III
             Mother: Tanda Marie Smith

Child:      3 year old girl

Location:   Battle Creek, Iowa

Area(s) affected:  Left leg and hip

Personal History:

Ankle joint has been unable to extend since birth. Never got better so we took her to a orthopedic surgeon at Children's Hospital in Omaha.  X-rays show what looked to be a fracture that was healing.  We went back every 6 months for checkups never getting anywhere.  One and a half years later after demanding answers many other doctors looked at the X-rays and they diagnosed it looked like melo.  We were referred to University of Iowa.  No one that we have seen regarding this knows anything about it and has no answers for us.  We will soon reach out to the Mayo clinic in Minn.  They have no other suggestions as to what it is other than melo.  We have to go see a Geneticist.

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