Name :    Rakhi Sundar

E-mail :

Adult:    38 years old 

Location:  Bangalore, India

Area(s) affected:  Left femur

Personal History:

I used to often suffer from pain on my left thigh.  This would be since approximately 5 years. Well, I thought pain was a result of my weight gain and also due to inactivity and my sedentary life.
Nevertheless, I did show to some doctors last year and it took me almost 4 months to know that I had Melorheostosis. I went for the usual X-rays and biopsy, multitude of scans before I was diagnosed with this disease. My samples had to be sent to Mumbai, as nobody in Bangalore was sure of this disease. Last year I could feel a kind of hard tissue, an extra growth on my left thigh and that prompted me to go and refer a doctor.

I am referring to an Orthopedic every 6 months. I have been advised to take a painkiller in case of pain.
I am married and have a 10-year old daughter.
At present, I am doing regular activities like going to work, driving and have recently started daily 1 hour walks.
The pain does come mostly when the weather in Bangalore is damp.

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