Name of patient:        Ralph K Dain Jr
Email address:

Adult:      44 years old
Location:      Gainesville, Florida
Area(s) of body affected:      First and second rib on the right side / First joint on index finger of right hand
Personal History:       

I was just diagnosed yesterday (8/22/2011) with Melorheostosis. It appeared in a chest x-ray for pre-op testing for another issue. I have a significant mass on my 2nd right rib and a smaller lesion on the 1st rib. Growth on index finger is frequently uncomfortable but not unbearable. Fortunately, I am not experiencing pain from rib issue at this time and am hopeful that it does not progress. Body scan did not identify any other areas impacted. Currently, we are just monitoring to see if condition progresses. No treatments have been undertaken.
Obviously, having just found out about this, I am trying to research as much as possible to see what others have reported.

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