Name :     Robert Metcalf

E-mail :

Adult:  28 years old     

Location:  Southern Maryland

Area(s) affected:   Left foot and left lower leg

Personal History:

I noticed my left foot was shorter than my right foot when I was probably about 10.  My parents and the crackpot navy doctor didn't think it was anything unusual.  I was finally diagnosed at age 16 by my orthopedic.  I had an orthotic made for my shoe but surgery was put off until I was older.

At 25, I could no longer run.  Melo affected the growth of my ankle and I was prone to rolling it.  I had my outer tendon shortened,  my Achilles lengthened, and my heel literally cut off and reset to the outside to allow more stability.  I can now run which is great!

For now, I try to manage the pain and swelling the best I can with medical marijuana.  I can feel the effect Melo has on me everyday.  Good luck to everyone out there dealing!

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