Name :   Roy S.

E-mail :

Adult:    41 years old

Location:  Ontario, Canada

Areas affected:  Left and right tibia and fibula; left foot; both hands

Personal History:

My name is Roy and I am the brother of Dawn D., also from Ontario, Canada.

The areas that are affected: both left and right tibia and fibula, thickening of the cortex of the 4th metatarsal of the left foot;  endosteal cortical thickening in the metacarpals of the hands bilaterally, particularly the right 3rd and left 3rd metacarpals.

I was diagnosed in 1995.  I have not taken any medication.  I am very active, play hockey, and do a lot of walking.  I am also blood type AB+ like my sister.

I will help my sister.  I am getting updated x-rays. 


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