Name :     Ruth Zemke

E-mail :

Adult:    70 years old 

Location:  Fullerton, CA

Area(s) affected:   Left ulna, left wrist, 2dary left fingers 3,4,5

Personal History:

Accidentally identified during an physical exam to clear me for clinical work as an occupational therapy student in my early 20s.  Ran full body long bone x-rays, but only left ulna showed signs.  At the time they said it was a rare condition (we found it in Shand's Orthopedic Surgery) with no real treatment or prognosis.  I have never received any treatment, surgery or medications, nor asked for consultations.   Little progress of the problem in the last 45+ years, but constant change--sometimes the "drippings" stretch the nerves/muscles and are painful and other times benign.  Usually painful only with activity or bumping arm.  Now it seems to have moved to the wrist and that swelling is limiting finger motion and is quite uncomfortable.  I'm waiting to see what happens, not eager to consider wrist surgery at my age unless it gets very painful or functionally limiting. 


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