Name: Ryan Elizabeth Gallant

Gender:    Female

E-mail :

Adult:  24 years old   

Location:   Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada 

Area(s) affected:  Right ankle

Personal History:

I always remember growing up with pain in my ankle. Naturally being an active kid, myself and my parents expected no more then a bruise or sprain. It was never a big deal. In my late teens pain and mobility only got worse. Knees started to ache and by my 20's hips were affected (keep in mind the disorder is only in my foot). At age 20 I decided to pursue the issue. My doctor started with x-rays and an orthopedic surgeon since he could not tell what he was seeing on the x-rays. On the x-ray my ankle joints that allow my foot to pivot and move left to right were all fused together. And other bones in the area were affected. After a year of blood work, MRI's and more x-rays I was officially diagnosed with Melorheostosis, 21 years old. Since no doctors knew enough, I was to told to be extra cautious till we found a specialist. I was told no physical activity, except walking and swimming. About a year and a half later I finally got a call from a sports medicine specialist who was interested in my case, bringing me to age 23. Between him and the foot specialist they decided I should get surgery to try and regain movement in my ankle and fix my walking. I am currently 3 weeks post operations. Healing is slow. I am walking though, with few limitations, stairs and driving are a challenge still.  I still can't say "I'm better".  It's too soon to tell if this has worked. In a week I go for a check up with the surgeon and from there he will determine when to start physical therapy and my return to work. 

Thank you for taking the time to read my story. It's great to have a support group. Even if it's far away!


Ryan E Gallant


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