Name :    Rylee (Parents:  Jeff and Jill)

E-mail :

Child (female):   6 years old

Location:  Egg Harbor Township, NJ

Area(s) affected:  Right pelvis and hip area, fibula, ankle and one toe

Personal History:

In the summer of 2004, when our daughter was 3, we started noticing a leg length discrepancy.  We brought it to our pediatrician's attention and she didn't seem too concerned, saying that sometimes kids legs grow at a different pace.  We noticed that Rylee's right ankle was deforming due to the way she was standing so we again brought it to our pediatricians attention.  By this time, she sent us to A.I. Dupont hospital for children.  We saw Dr. Thacker, an orthopedic doctor.  After a series of x-rays, she was diagnosed with melorheostosis.  After several shoe lifts that didn't work, Rylee had surgery in June of 2006 (5 years old).  They did an I.T Band release at the knee and hip.  After a series of physical therapy, they fitted her for another device to put in her shoe to straighten out her ankle. At this point we are just very lucky that our daughter is a gymnast( level 4); she flips more than she walks, which our doctor said was the best thing for her.  Her two legs still look off and her ankle definitely needs addressing.  Our next appointment Sept., 2007.


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