Name :    Sajjad Hossain (Tuhin)

E-mail :

Adult (male) :    38 years old

Location:  Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Area(s) affected:  Right foot and leg up to hip

Personal History:

Its me Sajjad from Bangladesh (A very small country near to India). I used to do Judo from the age of 6. Regularly I came back from my training centre with pain on my Right Foot & Leg. After that, my family took me to doctor and they did x-rays of my right foot and they found it very strange. My eldest brother took it seriously and he took me to different doctor and Finally when I was roughly around 13/14 Years Old Orthopaedic Surgeon named Dr. Salek Talukdar diagnosis as  Melorheostosis. And he advised me to avoid all type of sports which could hurt my foot or leg.

I was fine and I had Pain (Some times horrible) on my Right Foot and normally it never stays more then 6/7 days. But from last few years I found that, the duration of the pain is increasing and Almost all through the time I have Pain on my Right foot - mainly it become worse after sitting for several times or getting up from bed in the morning and If I stand for long time, also at the time of cold weather. Also I have mild numbness of my Right leg and Hip.  I went to different doctors in Bangladesh, Thailand & India, just to get an answer - What is Next ? How long I will suffer like This ? Is this pain increase with the period of time ? Does it spread other part of the body ? No Answer. No Body could advise me.

I was feeling helpless as nobody has any idea about it. And it becomes really difficult for me to share with anybody - And I tried not to discuss about it.

Finally My wife helped me out finding this site for me.... It is really helpful and feeling really strong that now we are a team and we could do something. And on top of this there are lots of specialists who are doing research and working on this.

By that time, I had almost all types of pain killer. BUT now I am trying to reduce taking the medicine (pain killers). I learnt How to live with pain and How to manage it. Itís true that, I have unbearable pain not more then once or at best twice in a month and which ever stays more then 6/7 days.  I took it as a part of my life and convinced myself that I have to live with this disease and its pain. Swim helps me a lot.

Love and best wishes to all out there who are in the same problem with this rare disease. I wish someone will come-up very shortly with some advice -what to do and how to live with it.

Thank you all and hope to hear from you soon.

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