Name :     Samantha

E-mail :

Adult:     32 years old

Location:  Rochdale, Manchester UK

Area(s) affected:  4th Metatarsal

Personal History:

In October 2011, I was out walking over moorland. I was descending a hill when my right leg slipped on moist marshland. My left foot however was on stone. My right leg lead my fall whilst my left foot stayed for a period on the stone resulting in a split type motion. I felt instant pain in my left ankle and knee.

I was diagnosed with a fracture to the tibia post near to the joint. This was treated with a cast, but I never regained full mobility experienced acute pain. My left ankle had such reduced mobility that walking on a slight decline was impossible and the stairs were unmanageable, not to mention the pain increased. I had pain all over my inner ankle area and the underside of my foot. I had intensive physio therapy (3 sessions a week) but this did not provide increased mobility. I went back to the Doctor who referred me to an orthopeadic unit. I had countless MRI's which initially diagnosed tendinosis in the flexor hallucis longus sheath (left inner side of ankle) Initially, I was given two seperate steroid injections, the first was partially successful (short term reduction in pain) the second injection was unsuccessful. My consultant offered me the option of surgery. I accepted and the ankle was decompressed. I felt immediate benefit in the degree of mobility, however this was still not full mobility. I was also experiencing more localised pain in the underside of my foot in between the 3rd and 4th metatarsal web space.

My consultant initiated further investigations as to the cause of this pain and had a working hypothesis of 'Mortons Neuroma'. This was found to be inaccurate but the MRI evidenced swelling in between the 3rd and 4th webspace. I was given a steroid injection under anathestic to treat the pain. Rather than reduce the pain, it intensified which meant that I was unable to weight bear without excruciating pain. From this point forward, I could not wear a shoe and had to wear an orthwedge which took the weight from the front of my foot and transferred it to the back.

My consultant was completely dumbfounded and stated I was a mystery case. He arranged for a referral to another consultant for a 2nd opinion. Having had an X-Ray I saw the 2nd consultant who confidently diagnosed Melorheostosis in the 4th Metatarsal. I have since been further referred to professor Tony Freemont at Manchester Royal Infirmary.

Like so many other stories on this website, I am struggling with the diagnosis as there's so little information known. I am 9 weeks on from diagnsosis and craving information. I have been prescribed 300mg of Gabepentin 3 times a day for the pain which doesn't even reduce the pain. The pain intensifies with excess walking/standing and also dependant on the weather. The only temporary relief I have is with a hot bath. Some days I have 3 baths a day to get some relief.

I have always been fit and healthy and exercised 3-4 times a week prior to this disease. One other thing I have noticed is that my skin on the inside of my left knee changes colour. I get a 1 1/2 inch red linear band as if I have been hit with a ruler.

I'm pleased I have found this Association and have taken comfort from everybody's stories. Thank you. 




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